Episode 14

Viktor Brady Vs Lucky

Echo Reed & Ruby Vs Aurora & L.A Taylor

Country Big Vs Danny Steele

REACH Wrestling Academy Championship

Joey Seven Vs Jordan Sparkes

Episode 13

REACH RUMBLE to determine Number 1 contender to the REACH Academy Championship


The Barricade, Ezra, Viktor Brady, Danny Steele, Max, Heath, Amadeus, Blake Harrison, Danny Boy Johnson, Dom, Omega Luke, Grayson Reeves, Jason King, ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott, Xander Grey, Jacob Kitto, Jordan Sparkes, ‘The English Lion’ Eddie Ryan, Vinnie Clay & Lucky

Episode 12

Aurora Vs Echo Reed

Vinnie Clay Vs ‘MER’ Cameron Braddon

6 Man Tag Team Match
Grayson Reeves, Luck & ‘The English Lion’ Eddie Ryan Vs Jason King, Jordan Sparkes & Drake Vyrus

Episode 11

Dom Vs ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott

Danny Boy Johnson Vs ‘The English Lion’ Eddie Ryan

Omega Luke Vs Toby

Joe Costa Vs L.A Taylor

Episode 10

Xander Grey Vs Dom

Ruby Vs Aurora

Amadeus Vs Jordan Sparkes

Vinnie Clay Vs Grayson Reeves

Episode 9

Blake Harrison Vs Joe Costa

Echo Reed Vs Danny Boy Johnson

Ezra Vs Viktor Brady

Amadeus & Lucky Vs Jason King & Jordan Sparkes

Episode 8

Lucky Vs Jordan Sparkes

Aurora VS Echo Reed

REACH Tag Team Championship
L.A Country Vs Grayson Reeves & ‘The English Lion’ Eddie Ryan

Amadeus Vs Jacob Kitto

REACH Academy Championship Match
Joey Seven Vs Jason King

Episode 7

Amadeus Vs Heath

Max Wilson & Danny Boy Johnson Vs Dom & Joe Costa

Jason King Vs Ollie Robson

Handicap Match
Blake Harrison & Xander Grey “The Outcasts” Vs Joey Seven

Episode 6

Ollie Robson Vs Viktor Brady

Amadeus Vs ‘The Winner’ P.J Jones

Aurora Vs Ruby

Lucky Vs Jordan Sparkes

Episode 5

MER Vs Omega Luke

Max Wilson Vs Grayson Reeves

Danny Boy Johnson Vs Joey Seven

Tag Team Championship Match
L.A Taylor & ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott Vs Dom & Joe Costa

Episode 4

Aurora vs L.A. Taylor Vs Echo Reed

Max Wilson Vs MER

‘Country Big’ Josh Not Vs Grayson Reeves

REACH Academy Championship Match
Joey Seven Vs Vinnie Clay

Amedeus & Jacob Kitto Vs Blake Harrison & Xander Grey

Jason King Vs Lucky

Episode 3

Danny Boy Johnson Vs MER
Jason King Vs Jordan Sparkes
Max Wilson Vs Lucky
Joes Costa Vs ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott

Episode 2

Blake Harrison Vs Jordan Sparkes

Dom Vs Jason King

Lucky Vs Danny Boy Johnson

Max Wilson Vs Amadeus 

Grayson Reevs & Echo Reed Vs ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott & L.A Taylor

REACH Aceademy Championshiop Match

Joey Seven Vs Redwood

Episode 1

L.A Taylor vs Echo Reed

Lucky Vs Jason King

Blake Harrison & Xander Grey vs Amadeus & Jordan Sparkes

Max Wilson Vs Joe Costa

Grayson Reeves vs ‘Country Big’ Josh Nott

REACH Academy Championship Match

Joey Seven Vs Silverback

REACH Academy

Unit 10,
Stonley Court,
Mary Seacole Road,
The Millfields, Plymouth