Safeguarding Policy

REACH Wrestling Ltd believes everyone has the right to live free from abuse or neglect regardless of age, ability or disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or gender status.

REACH Wrestling Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and an open, listening culture where people feel able to share concerns without fear of retribution.

REACH Wrestling Ltd acknowledges that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and is committed to prevent abuse and neglect through safeguarding the welfare of all involved.

Actions taken by REACH Wrestling Ltd will be consistent with the principles of adult safeguarding ensuring that any action taken is prompt, proportionate and that it includes and respects the voice of the adult concerned.

Any issues or concerns relating to a member’s wellbeing must be bought to the attention of the management at REACH Wrestling Ltd at the earliest opportunity.

Where a confirmed incident has occurred a confidential discussion with a director (in the event a director is unavailable, an agreed person working on behalf of REACH Wrestling Ltd will conduct the meeting) will offered to agree an appropriate course of action.

REACH Wrestling Ltd will take all reasonable precautions to protect its staff and clients and may (where appropriate / necessary) report violations of this policy to external agencies, including (but not limited to) the Police for further action.