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Rocky Mac def. PJ Jones

Karl Parker def. Danny Steele

Country Big Grizzlies def. Man Like Dick & Beauty and the Beast to become REACH Tag Team Champions

Iestyn Rees def. NIWA

Millie McKenzie def. LA Taylor

Eddie Ryan def, Joel Redman to become REACH Heavyweight Champion

Charlie Sterling cashed one his REACH briefcase to become REACH Heavyweight Champion


Jason King def. Josh Knott

Blake Harrison def. Dancing Daddy Bainsley

Experiment in Terror def. Gisele Shaw and Dani Luna

Simon Miller def. PJ Jones

Joey Seven & Eddie Ryan def. Joel Redman and Isetyn Rees by DQ


Jason King def. JD Knight

Joey Seven def. Kian Fox

Team Quintessential def. Millie McKenzie & Lee Hunter

Country Big Grizzlies & Beauty and the Beast went to a double Pinfall draw – both advancing to the REACH Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Eddie Ryan def. PJ Jones, Dick Riley & Man Like Beano to become Number 1 Contender for the REACH Heavyweight Championship


Results TBC!


Jason King def. Los Federales Santos Jr via Pinfall.

Man Like Beano def. Country Big

Joey Seven, Luke Phoenix & Lee Hunter def. Elijah, LK Mezinger & Dani Luna via Pinfall

Dancing Daddy Bainsley def. Jacob Kitto via DQ

Dick Riley def. PJ Jones in a No Disqualification match via Pinfall.


Jason King def. Blake Harrison via Pinfall

Aurora def. LA Taylor via Submission

Lance Cole & Lucian Phillips def. Heritage City Hitmen CIA Pinfall

NIWA def. PJ Jones via Pinfall

Brendan White & Josh Knott def. Joey Seven & Daniel Roberts via Pinfall.

Joel Redman def. Dom via Pinfall for the REACH Heavyweight Title

Eddie Ryan def. Joel Redman in a Non-Title match via Pinfall.


Jason King def. Jaxon Shaw

L A Taylor def. Aurora

Amadeus def. Jacob Kitto

Danny Steele & Matt Evans vs Dave & Dom ended in a No Contest after interference from Vinnie Clay, Redwood & Silverback.

Joey Seven def. Josh Knott to win the REACH Academy Championship.


PJ Jones won the 7-Man Scramble Match featuring, Joey Seven, Danny Duggan, Josh Knott, Rob Lias, Omari & Dancing Daddy Bainsley.

Jason King & Dick Riley def. Pretty Deadly to advance to the Final of the Tag-Title Tournament.

David Starr def. Eddie Ryan

Lance Cole def. Lucian Phillips via Count-Out

Millie McKenzie def. Charli Evans to win the REACH Women’s Championship.


Charlie Sterling def. Man Like Beano, Josh Knott, Brendan White, Lucian Phillips and Lance Cole in the “Within REACH” Ladder Match.

Pretty Deadly def. The Brothers Awe to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tag-Title Tournament.

Dick Riley def. Jody Fleisch

Joey Seven won the REACH Anniversary Battle Royal eliminating PJ Jones last.

Joel Redman def. Eddie Ryan by TKO to win the REACH Heavyweight Championship


Invaded Bodmin Jail for the first time, the start of the REACH Tag Team Championship Tournament.

JD Knight def. Danny Jones
Josh Knott def. Joey Seven
Man Like Dick def. Experiment In Terror (advancing to Tag-Team Semi-Finals)
Jason King def. Danny Steele
Eddie Ryan def. PJ Jones


Featuring the Semi-Finals of the REACH Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Man Like Beano, Lucian Phillips & Joey Seven def. Charlie Sterling, Josh Knott, Lance Cole & Brendan White.
Jason King def. Adam Flint
Joel Redman def. Dick Riley (advancing to the final)
Joseph Miller def. Dancing Daddy Bainsley
Eddie Ryan def. Grayson Reeves (advancing to the final)


The very start of the REACH Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter Finals.

Grayson Reeves def. Brendan White (advancing to the semi-final)
Heritage City Hitmen def. The Brothers Awe
Eddie Ryan def. Adam Maxted (advancing to the semi-final)
Joel Redman def. Josh Knott (advancing to the semi-final)
Joseph Miller def. Xander Grey
Dick Riley def. Charlie Sterling (advancing to the semi-final)


Eddie Ryan def. Lance Cole
Josh Knott def. Man Like Beano, Danny Duggan, Sam Stoker, Jim Diehard, Kelly Sixx
Team REACH def. The Magnums
PJ Jones def. Psycho Phillips after interference by Cole.
Sierra Loxton def. Millie McKenzie, Candy Floss, Gisele Shaw.
Jody Fleisch def. Charlie Sterling


Big Grizzly def. Charlie Sterling
Kian Fox def. James Mason
Joel Redman vs Eddie Ryan went to a 20 minute time limit draw.
Man Like Dick defeated Brendan White & Josh Knott.
Joseph Miller def. Blake Harrison
Team REACH (King & Reeves) def. PJ Jones & Marcus Baine


Chris Andrews def. Iestyn Rees
Josh Knott def. Man Like Beano
Grayson Reeves def. PJ Jones via Disqualification.
Dick Riley def. Brendan White
Joseph Miller def. Vinnie Clay
Eddie Ryan def. Big Grizzly


Chris Andrews def. Psycho Phillips
Josh Knott won the Contract Battle Royal, eliminating Adam Flint last.
Dick Riley def. Grayson Reeves
PJ Jones def. Jason King via Count-Out
Brendan White def. Man Like Beano
Eddie Ryan def. Charlie Sterling

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